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Can I Change the Region for a Purchased ECS?

Updated at: Jun 29, 2021 GMT+08:00

No. Select the region nearest to your target users for lower network latency and quick resource access when you buy an ECS.

If you need to change the region for a purchased ECS, you can use the IMS service to migrate the ECS data across regions.

An example is provided as follows:

ecs01 in region A needs to be migrated to region B.

  1. Create full-ECS image image01 for ecs01 in region A.
  2. Replicate image01 from region A to region B. Then, image01-copy is in region B.
  3. Use image01-copy to create an ECS named ecs02 in region B.

    Data in ecs01 in region A is migrated to ecs02 in region B.

For more migration methods and background information, see Can an ECS Be Migrated to Another Region or Account?

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