Updated at: 2022-04-11 GMT+08:00

Changing a Security Group


To change the security group of an ECS NIC, perform the operations described in this section.


  1. Log in to the management console.
  2. Under Compute, click Elastic Cloud Server.
  3. In the ECS list, locate the row that contains the target ECS. Click More in the Operation column and select Manage Network > Change Security Group.

    The Change Security Group dialog box is displayed.

    Figure 1 Change Security Group
  4. Select the target NIC and security groups as prompted.

    You can select multiple security groups. In such a case, the rules of all the selected security groups will be aggregated to apply on the ECS.

    To create a security group, click Create Security Group.

    Using multiple security groups may deteriorate ECS network performance. You are suggested to select no more than five security groups.

  5. Click OK.