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Managed Threat Detection

By integrating AI engine, threat intelligence, and baseline detection policies, Managed Threat Detection (MTD) can intelligently detect malicious activities and unauthorized behavior in cloud service logs, identify potential threats, and generate alarms to help you improve cloud service security.

Progressive Knowledge

MTD knowledge for users from beginner level to expert level


Learn about MTD features and application scenarios so that you can quickly recognize the edition that would best meet your requirements and know how to effectively configure threat detection policies on HUAWEI CLOUD.

Service Overview


You can configure an MTD detector in the target region and configure a CTS tracker to obtain service logs in real time.

Enabling Threat Detection


MTD helps you quickly detect potential malicious activities and unauthorized behavior in cloud services.

Best Practices for Threat Detection


Purchase a package based on the volume of data you want to scan.

Purchasing Guide

Billing Mode

Become a Power User

Depending on your service requirements, you can set detection types, add threat intelligence, and add whitelists to MTD. Additionally, you can view detected threats and analyze alarms in real time, allowing you to act quickly and optimize your security.

Common Operations