Updated on 2024-07-19 GMT+08:00

Migrating an ECS


ECSs can be migrated:

  • Between Dedicated Hosts (DeHs)
  • From a DeH to a public resource pool
  • From a public resource pool to a DeH

This section describes how to migrate ECSs from a public resource pool to a DeH.

  • Before migrating an ECS, ensure that there are available DeH resources.
  • For details about migrating ECSs from a DeH to another DeH or to a public resource pool, see Migrating ECSs.


  • Only stopped ECSs can be migrated.
  • To ensure that the migration is successful, there must be an available DeH.
  • ECS IDs remain unchanged after a migration.


  1. Log in to the management console.
  2. Click in the upper left corner and select your region and project.
  3. Click . Under Compute, click Elastic Cloud Server.
  4. Locate the row that contains the target ECS and choose More > Migrate ECS in the Operation column.
  5. In the displayed dialog box, select the target DeH.

    If no DeHs are available, create a DeH first. For details, see Buying DeHs.

  6. Click OK.