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Is an ECS Hostname with Suffix .novalocal Normal?

Updated at: Sep 02, 2021 GMT+08:00


Hostnames of ECSs created based on some types of images have the suffix .novalocal, whereas others do not.

For example, the hostname is set to abc during ECS creation. Table 1 lists the hostnames (obtained by running the hostname command) of ECSs created using different images and those displayed after the ECSs are restarted.

Table 1 Hostnames of ECSs created from different images


Hostname Before ECS Restart

Hostname After ECS Restart

CentOS 6.8



CentOS 7.3



Ubuntu 16




This is a normal phenomenon.

The static hostname of a Linux ECS is user defined and injected using Cloud-Init during the ECS creation. According to the test results, Cloud-Init adapts to OSs differently. As a result, hostnames of some ECSs have suffix .novalocal, whereas others do not.

If you do not need suffix .novalocal in obtained hostnames, change the hostnames. For details, see How Can a Changed Static Hostname Take Effect Permanently?

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