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Spot ECSs

Updated at: Sep 02, 2021 GMT+08:00

About Spot Price ECSs

  1. Why is my spot price ECS released even when I have sufficient account balance?

    A spot price ECS may be released at any time based on the changes in market price or supply and demand. For example, if the market price at a certain time is higher than the maximum price you are willing to pay, or if there are a large number of demands that the ECS resource supply cannot meet, the system automatically reclaims your spot price ECS.

  2. Can I change a spot price ECS to a pay-per-use or yearly/monthly ECS?


  3. Which resources are included in the price discount of a spot price ECS?

    The price discount applies only to the vCPUs and memory of a spot price ECS. The prices of other resources, such as the system disk, data disk, and bandwidth, are the same as those of ECSs billed on a pay-per-use basis.

  4. How can I quote a spot price ECS?

    When you purchase a spot price ECS, you are required to set the maximum price you are willing to pay. If the maximum price is higher than the market price and inventory resources are sufficient, you can purchase your spot price ECS. The spot price ECS is billed depending on the market price.

  5. What is the relationship between the maximum price I am willing to pay for a spot price ECS and the market price?

    Your spot price ECS will run only if the maximum price you are willing to pay is higher than the market price. If the maximum price is lower than the market price, purchasing the spot price will ECS fail, or the spot price ECS that you have already purchased will be reclaimed. A spot price ECS is billed based on market price, regardless of the maximum price you set.

  6. If I have multiple spot price ECSs and all the ECSs start to run at the same time, will the billing be the same for all of them?

    The billing will be the same for spot price ECSs of the same series with the same specifications.

  7. Can I obtain the market price before purchasing the spot price ECS?

    Yes. When you purchase a spot price ECS on the management console, you can view the market price range and historical prices of the ECS after you select an ECS flavor.

  8. How is a spot price ECS billed?

    A spot price ECS is billed per second, and its billing period is one hour.

  9. When does the billing duration for a spot price ECS start and end?

    The duration starts from the time when the spot price ECS is purchased to the time when it is released either manually or automatically.

  10. Will a stopped spot price ECS continue to be billed?
    For details, see Table 1.
    Table 1 Billing of stopped spot price ECSs


    Spot Price

    Without a local disk or FPGA attached

    After the ECS is stopped, basic resources including vCPUs, memory, and image are no longer billed. The resources associated with the ECS, such as EVS disks (including system and data disks), EIPs, and bandwidth, are separately billed.

    With a local disk or FPGA attached

    The ECS will continue to be billed after it is stopped. To avoid being billed for such an ECS, delete it.

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