Updated on 2023-12-29 GMT+08:00

Login Overview


  • Only a running ECS can be logged in.
  • The username for logging in to a Linux ECS is root.
  • If the login password is forgotten, reset the password on the ECS console.

    To reset a password, locate the row containing the target ECS, click More in the Operation column, and select Reset Password from the drop-down list. For details, see Resetting the Password for Logging In to an ECS on the Management Console.

Login Modes

You can choose from a variety of login modes based on your local OS type.

Table 1 Linux ECS login modes


Local OS

Connection Method




(Recommended) Use CloudShell available on the management console to log in to the ECS.

Remotely Logging In to a Linux ECS (Using CloudShell)

The target ECS has an EIP bound.

(If you log in to an ECS through an intranet, for example, through VPN or Direct Connect, the ECS does not require an EIP.)


Use a remote login tool, such as PuTTY or Xshell.


Run commands.

Mobile terminal

Use an SSH client tool, such as Termius or JuiceSSH, to log in to the ECS.

Remotely Logging In to a Linux ECS (from a Mobile Terminal)


Use the terminal included in the macOS.

Remotely Logging In to a Linux ECS (from a macOS Server)


Use the remote login function available on the management console. For details, see Remotely Logging In to a Linux ECS (Using VNC).

No EIP is required.