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Before creating a DRS task, make preparations given in the following table to meet the environment requirements.

Table 1 Preparations





Prepare a Huawei account, create a user, and grant permissions to the user to use DRS.

For details, see Registering a Huawei ID and Enabling Huawei Cloud Services.

Register an account by referring to Permissions Management.


Prepare the source and destination databases with required account permissions.

  • You are advised to create an independent database account for DRS task connection to prevent task failures caused by account modification.
  • After changing the account passwords for the source and destination databases, modify the connection information in the DRS task as soon as possible to prevent automatic retry after a task failure. Automatic retry will lock the database accounts.

Different data flow types require different databases and permissions. For details, refer to the following sections:

Supported Databases

Real-Time Migration Overview

Backup Migration Overview

Real-Time Synchronization Overview

Notes on Data Subscription

Real-Time DR Overview


The source database is deployed on a local host.

For details, see From On-premises Databases to Huawei Cloud.

The source is other cloud databases.

For details, see From Other Cloud Databases to Huawei Cloud.

The source is a Huawei Cloud database.

For details, see From Huawei Cloud to Huawei Cloud.

The source is an ECS database.

For details, see From ECS-Hosted Databases on Huawei Cloud to Huawei Cloud.