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Updated on 2022-10-09 GMT+08:00

What Service Types Does CDN Support?

  • Website acceleration

    CDN is perfect for web portals, e-commerce platforms, information apps, and UGC-focused apps. It can accelerate the delivery of images and small HTML, CSS, and JS files.

  • File download acceleration

    CDN is suitable for websites, game clients, and app stores that provide file download services, and download tools. It is used in scenarios such as downloading game installation packages and application packages, and updating the ROM on mobile phones.

  • On-demand service acceleration

    For customers providing on-demand audiovisual services, CDN is a must. On-demand services include online education, video sharing, music or video on demand, and other audiovisual content.

  • Whole site acceleration

    CDN is a good option for websites that consist of both dynamic and static content and for sites that involve a large number of ASP, JSP, or PHP requests.


    • If both on-demand service acceleration and file download acceleration are required, only one service type can be selected for an acceleration domain name. You need to create two domain names, one for on-demand service acceleration and the other for file download acceleration.

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