Updated on 2022-12-05 GMT+08:00

What Is Huawei Cloud CDN?

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a smart virtual network on the Internet infrastructure. CDN can cache origin content on nodes closer to users, so content can load faster. CDN speeds up site response and improves site availability. It breaks through the bottlenecks caused by low bandwidth, heavy access traffic, and uneven distribution of edge nodes.

Huawei Cloud CDN caches origin content on edge nodes across the globe. Users can get content from the nearest nodes instead of from the origin server far way from them. This reduces latency and improves user experience. Using preset policies (including content types, geological locations, and network loads), CDN provides users with the IP address of a node that responds the fastest. Users get the requested content faster than would have otherwise been possible. For details about how to connect to Huawei Cloud CDN, see Getting Started.

Huawei Cloud CDN has over 2000 edge nodes in the Chinese mainland and over 800 edge nodes outside the Chinese mainland. The network-wide bandwidth reaches 150 Tbit/s. CDN works with top carriers in China, such as China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, and China Education and Research Network (CERNET), as well as many small- and medium-sized carriers. CDN covers more than 130 countries and regions. It deploys nodes on networks of over 1600 carriers. CDN schedules user requests to the most appropriate nodes, accelerating content delivery.

Things You Need to Learn About CDN

See the following documents to learn how to use CDN.



Basic Concepts

Common concepts you need to know when using CDN

Progressive Knowledge

CDN knowledge for both beginners and experts

CDN API Reference

APIs that you can call to perform operations like you do on the CDN console

Getting Started

Quick guide to accessing a domain name to CDN for acceleration

Domain Name Management

Instructions to domain name management in CDN

Domain Name Settings

Instructions to domain name settings in CDN

Cache Refreshing and Preheating

Instructions to refreshing and preheating in CDN

CDN Pricing

You can choose to be billed by traffic or bandwidth. For details, see Pricing Details.

By Traffic

  • You can be billed by the traffic used per hour.
  • You can buy a CDN traffic package to get more savings.

By Bandwidth

You can choose to be billed by peak bandwidth, 95th percentile bandwidth, or daily average peak bandwidth.

Billing by 95th percentile bandwidth and by daily average peak bandwidth are only available for customers who have a budget of more than $15,000 USD for CDN each month. If you are this type of customers, submit a service ticket or contact customer service to apply for it.

For details, see Billing Items.