Updated on 2024-03-07 GMT+08:00


After a domain name is added, you can enable and disable CDN for the domain name, remove and review the domain name, and copy domain configuration on the CDN console.

You can also click Export in the upper right corner of the Domains page and choose to export all data or selected data to an XLSX file.


The following table describes the functions.

Table 1 Scenarios




Enabling/Disabling CDN for a Domain Name

Enable: You can enable a domain name in the Disabled state.

Disable: You can disable a domain name in the Enabled state.

Enabling CDN for a Domain Name

Disabling CDN for a Domain Name

Deleting a Domain Name

You can remove a domain name in the Disabled, Error, or Rejected state.


After a domain name is removed, the system automatically deletes the corresponding configuration of the domain name. If you want to use CDN for the removed domain name again, re-add and configure the domain name.

Deleting a Domain Name

Copying Domain Configuration to Existing Domains

You can copy the configuration of a domain name to other domain names.

Copying Domain Configuration

Reviewing a Domain Name

If a domain name is banned due to ICP license expiration, you can apply to have it reviewed after the domain name is re-licensed. Once the review passes, CDN unbans the domain name.


Service Termination Policy

Huawei Cloud CDN service is terminated based on a preset policy. You can select Redirect to origin server or Disable domain name for the termination policy.


Domain Name Quota Management

Quotas are enforced for service resources on the platform to prevent unforeseen spikes in resource usage. Quotas limit the number or amount of resources available to users. If the existing domain name quota cannot meet your service requirements, submit a service ticket to request a higher quota.