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Updated on 2023-08-03 GMT+08:00

How Does CDN Respond to CC Attacks?

In a challenge collapsar (CC) attack, the attacker uses a proxy server to generate and send disguised requests to the target host. The attacker keeps sending a large number of data packets to target servers to exhaust server resources and break them down. If a site is attacked, CDN points of presence (PoPs) will bear the attack traffic. Therefore, the origin server will not break down.

  • CDN has a preset policy against CC attacks. To disable this policy, submit a service ticket.
  • If CDN PoPs fail to provide services due to heavy attack traffic, CDN will temporarily ban the domain name, change its status to Disabled, and disable the acceleration service for it. The domain name cannot be accessed but its configuration is retained. When the attack stops, contact customer service to unban the domain name.
  • You will be billed for the traffic generated by CDN PoPs during attacks.
  • If your acceleration domain name has burst traffic, for example, during new function release, the domain name may be considered to be under attack. Contact technical support in advance to avoid service loss.

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