Updated on 2023-06-26 GMT+08:00

What Will I Billed For?

You will be billed for:

  • Traffic generated by user access to CDN points of presence (PoPs). CDN does not charge any origin pull requests.
  • Traffic for obtaining content from the origin server that is an object storage bucket.

Billing on the CDN side:

  • You can choose to be billed by traffic, peak bandwidth, 95th percentile bandwidth, or average daily peak bandwidth. You can also purchase economical traffic packages. For details, see Billing.

Billing on the OBS side:

  • OBS provides origin pull packages for CDN. You can buy a package to pay for traffic incurred for pulling content from an OBS bucket.

    Ensure that the purchased origin pull package and your OBS bucket are in the same region. If they are in different regions, you need to purchase a new origin pull package in the region where the bucket locates.

Cache prefetch:

  • Cache prefetch is simulation of origin pull. Traffic or bandwidth consumed during cache prefetch is not billed by CDN, but billed by other services based on your origin server configuration. For example, if your origin server is an OBS bucket, you will be billed by OBS for traffic generated during origin pull.

CDN services will be suspended if you have outstanding unpaid balance. Top up your account in a timely manner to ensure that your services are not interrupted.

Purchase and Billing FAQs