Updated on 2023-08-23 GMT+08:00

Data Protection Technologies

Huawei Cloud CDN takes different measures to secure your data in CDN.

Table 1 CDN data protection measures



Encrypted transmission

Huawei Cloud CDN supports HTTPS and HTTP/2 on the entire network. For details, see HTTPS Settings.

Certificate management

Huawei Cloud CDN supports batch SSL certificate configuration. For details, see Certificate Management.

Data consistency protection

When CDN PoPs send resource, CDN performs cyclic redundancy check (CRC) on the resources to prevent resource hijacking or tampering.

Data consistency verification

CDN allows you to create a task to check whether resources cached by CDN are the same as those on the origin server.

Beyond that, CDN makes every effort to protect user privacy in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. CDN provides acceleration services only for domain names. It does not collect or store any user privacy data. For details about the use and protection of privacy data, see Privacy Statement.