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Notes and Constraints

Before connecting a domain name to Huawei Cloud CDN, understand CDN's requirements on domain names and origin servers to prevent service loss caused by violations.

Domain Name Requirements and Specifications



Domain name

  • Chinese mainland
    • Your HUAWEI ID has completed real-name authentication.
    • The domain name has been licensed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and the Internet Content Provider (ICP) license is still valid.
    • The domain name has passed content moderation.
  • Outside the Chinese mainland
    • The domain name has passed content moderation.
  • Global
    • You have completed real-name authentication on Huawei Cloud.
    • The domain name has been licensed by the MIIT and the ICP license is still valid.
    • The domain name has passed content moderation.

Acceleration domain name

Basic specifications:

  • A domain name can contain up to 75 characters, including letters, digits, hyphens (-), and periods (.).
  • You can add up to 100 domain names under each account.
  • An acceleration domain name must be unique.
  • CDN does not allow websites containing illicit content. The existing domain names connected to CDN are reviewed regularly. If a domain name involves any violations, CDN acceleration will be disabled for the domain name and other domain names in your account.
  • If a domain name has been in the Disabled or Rejected state for more than 120 days, CDN starts the domain name deletion process and deletes the domain name records after confirmation. If CDN acceleration is required for the domain name, add the domain name again.
  • If a domain name has not been accessed for more than 180 days, CDN starts the domain name suspension process and disables CDN acceleration for the domain name after confirmation.

Rules for handling outstanding payments and attacks:

  • If your account enters the retention period due to outstanding payments, CDN will disable services for your domain names and delete their CNAME resolution. In this case, the domain names cannot be accessed.
  • If a site is attacked, CDN PoPs will bear the attack traffic. Therefore, the origin server will not break down. If CDN PoPs fail to provide services due to heavy attack traffic, CDN will temporarily ban the domain name, change its status to Disabled, and disable the acceleration service for it. CDN PoP resources are occupied during attacks. Therefore, related fees are generated.
Wildcard domain name specifications: You can add a domain name including a wildcard (*). For example, if you add *.test.com to CDN as an acceleration domain name and have it resolved to the CNAME domain name provided by CDN, all of the level-2 domain names under *.test.com, such as a.test.com, will enjoy CDN acceleration by default. However, level-3 domain names (such as b.a.test.com) would not.
  1. If you add a wildcard domain name to a particular account, you cannot add any of the level-2 domain names under that domain name to other accounts.
  2. You will be billed for the acceleration service provided to all of the level-2 domain names under a wildcard domain name. If there are multiple level-2 domain names, billing will be based on the traffic generated by the wildcard domain name, not on each of the level-2 domain names.

    When purging cache or prefetching content of a wildcard domain name, perform cache purge or prefetch for each subdomain name separately. The following is an example:

    A wildcard domain name *.a.com has subdomain names 1.a.com, 2.a.com, and 3.a.com.

    You need to enter URLs of content under a specific subdomain name for cache purge, for example, http://1.a.com/abc.jpg, instead of http://*.a.com/abc.jpg.

Content Moderation



Content moderation

CDN does not allow websites that violate related laws and regulations, including but not limited to:

  • Websites that contain pornographic content or content related to gambling, illegal drugs, frauds, or infringement
  • Gaming websites that run on illegal private servers
  • Websites that provide pirated games/software/videos
  • P2P lending websites
  • Unofficial lottery websites
  • Unlicensed hospital and pharmaceutical websites
  • Inaccessible websites or websites that do not contain any substantial information
    • If your domain name content violates related laws and regulations, you shall bear the related risks.
    • If any pornographic content or content related to gambling, illegal drugs, or frauds is found on your domain name, the domain name and other domain names that use the same origin server will be deleted from CDN and can no longer be connected to CDN. Acceleration domain name quota of the account will be reduced to 0.

Origin Server Specifications and Constraints



Origin server

  • You can add up to 50 origin servers for each acceleration domain name.
  • An origin server address contains up to 250 characters.
  • IP address
    • If an IP address is used as the origin address, CDN PoPs access the IP address directly to pull origin content.
    • Enter up to 15 IP addresses for the primary origin server.
  • Domain name
    • You can enter only one origin domain here.
    • An origin domain cannot be the same as an acceleration domain name.
    • You can also enter the domain name of an object storage bucket.
    • If you want to use an object storage bucket from a non-Huawei Cloud service provider as your origin server, select Domain name as the origin server type and enter the domain name of the object storage bucket.
    • Private buckets cannot be used as origin servers.
    • If you use an object storage bucket as your origin server, the object storage service will charge the CDN origin pull traffic based on its billing standards.
  • OBS bucket: You can select an OBS bucket under your account or enter the domain name of an OBS bucket. OBS charges the CDN origin pull traffic based on the billing standard for outgoing Internet traffic. If you set a bucket of OBS 3.0 or a later version as the origin server, you can purchase OBS pull traffic packages to deduct origin pull traffic. For details, see OBS Billing for CDN Acceleration.
    • If your OBS private bucket is unsuitable as an origin for your domain name, do not set the private bucket as the origin server.
    • If you enter a domain name of an OBS bucket, the origin domain name must end with .myhuaweicloud.com or .myhuaweicloud.cn.
    • If you use an OBS private bucket, enable OBS authorization and select the Private bucket checkbox. Otherwise, origin pull will fail.

      If you use CDN for the first time, you cannot set an OBS private bucket as the origin server when you add your first domain name. Instead, first add a domain name, enable OBS authorization, and then change the origin server to the OBS private bucket.

    • To use a custom OBS private bucket as the origin server, configure a policy for the private bucket. For details, see Configuring a Policy for a Custom OBS Private Bucket.
    • If you have enabled static website hosting for your OBS bucket, select the Static website hosting checkbox when adding a domain name. In this way, the list of all files in the bucket will not be displayed when users access the bucket.




Domain name quota

Quotas are enforced for service resources on the platform to prevent unforeseen spikes in resource usage. Quotas limit the number or amount of resources available to users. If an existing resource quota cannot meet your service requirements, submit a service ticket to increase the quota.

  • Number of domain names: 100.
  • Cache purge (file): 2,000 records/day.
  • Cache purge (directory): 100 records/day.
  • Cache prefetch: 1,000 records/day.

Other Constraints



Origin pull

  • The default timeout interval of origin pull is 30s.


  • File upload: You can upload a file with up to 300 MB to CDN. Traffic fees will be charged for file upload.

Request method