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This chapter describes what is QUIC and how to configure QUIC.

What Is QUIC?

Quick UDP Internet Connections (QUIC) is a UDP-based transport protocol. It has the following features:

  • It has excellent performance in weak networks and can provide available services in the case of packet loss and severe network delay.
  • All QUIC traffic is encrypted, improving transmission security.
  • It reduces the transmission and connection delay and prevents network congestion.

Supported Version

IETF-v1 (H3)


An international HTTPS certificate has been configured. For details, see HTTPS.
  • Disabling the HTTPS certificate will disable QUIC.
  • After configuring the HTTPS certificate, wait about 5 minutes for the configuration to complete and then enable QUIC.


  • QUIC cannot be enabled for domain names with special configurations.
  • QUIC cannot be used for origin pull.
  • This function is in OBT and is available for free trial.
  • If you change the certificate type from International to Chinese (SM2), QUIC will become invalid.
  • If you configure two certificates for a domain name, QUIC takes effect only for the international certificate.


  1. Log in to Huawei Cloud console. Choose Service List > Content Delivery & Edge Computing > Content Delivery Network.

    The CDN console is displayed.

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Domains.
  3. In the domain list, click the target domain name or click Configure in the Operation column.
  4. Click the HTTPS Settings tab.
  5. In the QUIC area, switch on QUIC.
    Figure 1 QUIC