Updated on 2024-01-26 GMT+08:00

Origin Protocol

You can configure the protocol used for origin pull.


  • By default, HTTP is used.
  • If you have enabled HTTP/2 and set the origin protocol to Same as user, CDN uses HTTPS/1.1 for origin pull.
  • When CDN uses HTTPS for origin pull, TLS 1.3 is not supported.


  1. Log in to Huawei Cloud console. Choose Service List > Content Delivery & Edge Computing > Content Delivery Network.

    The CDN console is displayed.

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Domains.
  3. In the domain list, click the target domain name or click Configure in the Operation column.
  4. Click the Origin Settings tab.
  5. Click Edit next to Origin Protocol. The Origin Protocol dialog box is displayed.
    Figure 1 Origin protocol

    Table 1 Parameter description

    Origin Protocol


    Same as user

    The origin protocol is the same as the client access protocol. For example, if a client accesses CDN using HTTP, CDN also uses HTTP for origin pull.


    CDN uses HTTP for origin pull.


    CDN uses HTTPS for origin pull.

  6. Select an origin protocol and click OK.