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Updated on 2024-05-16 GMT+08:00

(Optional) Testing a Domain Name

Test your domain name before adding a CNAME record to the domain's DNS records to ensure that your domain configurations are correct.

  1. Ping the CNAME record for the domain name you added to obtain the IP address.

    For this example, we assume that the added domain name is, the generated CNAME record is, and the IP address obtained by pinging is

  2. Edit the hosts file on the local PC.
    If you use a Windows system, map the domain name to the IP address in the hosts file in the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ directory.
    Figure 1 Testing the domain name
  3. Access your domain name to test services. If the test results meet your expectation, the configurations are correct.
  4. Add a CNAME record to your domain's DNS records. For details, see Configuring a CNAME Record.