Updated on 2024-04-25 GMT+08:00


Why There Is No Data in Analytics?

  • The CNAME record configured for your domain name is wrong.
  • CDN statistics on the Analytics page are one hour later than real-time data.

If the problem is not caused by either of the preceding reasons, submit a service ticket.

What Could Fall Into the "Other" Category in the Visitor Region Statistics?

Other refers to those whose region cannot be identified because their IP addresses are not recorded in the IP address library or their IP addresses cannot be obtained by CDN.

How Long Is the API Delay of the Top 100 URLs?

Calling the API of top 100 URLs has a delay of about 6 hours. This situation returns to normal at 12:00 on the next day.

What Are the Meanings of HEAD, HIT, and MISS in CDN Logs?

  • HEAD

    The HEAD method is the same as the GET method except that the server does not return the HEAD message body. In a response to a HEAD request, the metadata contained in the HTTP header is the same as that in a response to a GET request. HEAD can be used to obtain the hidden metadata in a request, instead of transmitting the entity itself. It is also often used to test the validity, availability, and recent changes of hyperlinks.

  • HIT

    This indicates a cache hit. A PoP directly serves the content.

  • MISS

    This indicates a cache miss. A PoP needs to pull content from the origin server.

How Long of Data Can Be Queried?

You can query CDN data over the past 90 days. The maximum query time range is 31 days.

Why Is the Message "Fine-grained Authentication Failed" Returned When I Call an API to Download CDN Logs?

It is possible that the enterprise project is not found. You can add enterprise_project_id=ALL to the request path.


GET https://cdn.myhuaweicloud.com/v1.0/cdn/logs?query_date=1502380500000&domain_name=www.example.com&page_size=10&page_number=1&enterprise_project_id=ALL

What Does User-Agent OkHttp in CDN Logs Mean?

OkHttp is a request protocol used by the Android network framework to process network requests.