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Updated on 2024-05-16 GMT+08:00

Adding a CNAME Record on Huawei Cloud DNS

If your domain name is resolved using the DNS service Huawei Cloud provides, then follow the steps in this section to add a CNAME record. is used as an example.


  • Obtain the CNAME record of the domain name.
  1. Log in to Huawei Cloud console. Choose Service List > Content Delivery & Edge Computing > Content Delivery Network.

    The CDN console is displayed.

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Domains.

    On the Domains page, copy the CNAME record********.

    Figure 1 Obtaining the CNAME record
  • Add the CNAME record.
  1. Log in to the management console and choose Service List > Networking > Domain Name Service.

    The DNS console is displayed.

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Public Zones.

    The public zone list is displayed.

  3. Click the domain name you want to add a record set to. In this example, the domain name is
  4. Click Add Record Set in the upper right corner.
    Figure 2 Adding a record set
  5. Configure the parameters as instructed. Table 1 describes the parameters.
    Table 1 Parameter description


    Parameter description

    Example Value


    Domain name prefix

    • Name for is www.
    • Name for is testcdn.


    Type of the record set


    A CNAME record cannot coexist with an A record. Otherwise, DNS resolution will fail.

    CNAME – Map one domain to another


    Used when the DNS server is resolving a domain name. It returns the IP address of the server according to the visitor source. For details, see Resolution Line.


    TTL (s)

    Cache duration of the record set on a local DNS server. If your service address changes frequently, set TTL to a smaller value.

    Retain the default value.


    Domain name to be pointed to, that is, the CNAME record allocated by CDN****


    If a resolution line in a zone contains multiple record sets of the same type, you can set different weights to each record set. For details, see Configuring Weighted Resolution.


  6. Click OK.
    • After the CNAME resolution takes effect, the status changes to . However, CNAME resolution may fail the verification and the status changes to , indicating that no CNAME record is configured for the domain name. If you have correctly configured the CNAME record, ignore the error message.
    • A CNAME record takes effect immediately after being added. If you modify the CNAME record, then the change takes effect within 72 hours.
    • If you encounter a resolution conflict, see DNS Conflicts.