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Purchasing Quota

You can purchase an HSS quota on the console.


  • The quota can be used only in the region where you bought it.
  • A quota can be bound to a server to protect it, on condition that the agent on the server is online.
  • Currently, HSS can only protect Docker and Containerd containers. Check your container type before purchasing the container edition.
  • HSS should be deployed on all your servers so that if a virus infects one of them, it will not be able to spread to others and damage your entire network.
  • After purchasing quota, go to the Servers & Quota page to enable HSS.
  • The premium edition is provided for free if you have purchased the WTP edition.
    • You are advised to deploy HSS on all your servers so that if a virus infects one of them, it will not be able to spread to others and damage your entire network.
    • In the Pay-per-use mode, the HSS enterprise edition stops charging if the servers it protects are stopped.


Table 1 Choosing a region to purchase HSS


Server Region





Regions where HSS is available

Regions where your ECSs/BMSs/HECSs/Workspaces are deployed

HSS cannot be used across regions. If the server and your protection quota are in different regions, unsubscribe from the quota and purchase a quota in the region where the server is deployed.

Third-party cloud server


Purchase an HSS quota in the EU-Ireland region. Connect the server to the region by performing the installation procedure for non-HUAWEI CLOUD servers.

Offline server



The account must have the BSS Administrator and HSS Administrator permissions. If the account does not have the permissions, use a master account to purchase quotas or authorize member accounts to purchase quotas.


  1. Log in to the management console.
  2. Click in the upper left corner of the page, select a region, and choose Security & Compliance > HSS to go to the HSS management console.
  3. In the upper right corner of the Dashboard page, click Buy HSS.
  4. On the Buy HSS page, set the quota specifications.

    Table 2 Parameters for purchasing HSS



    Example Value

    Billing Mode

    Select Yearly/Monthly or Pay-per-use billing mode based on your requirements.

    • Yearly/Monthly: You can select the basic, professional, enterprise, premium, WTP, or container edition.
    • Pay-per-use: Only the enterprise edition can be purchased. You need to enable this edition in the server list. You pay for the duration you use the resources. Prices are calculated by hour, and no minimum fee is required.

      Procedure for enabling pay-per-use quota:

      1. On the purchase page, select Pay-per-use. The Enterprise edition will be automatically selected. In the lower right corner, click Enable Now. You will be redirected to the server list.
      2. In the server list, click Enable in the Operation column. Set the Billing Mode to Pay-per-use and Edition to Enterprise.
      3. Confirm the information and click OK.



    • To minimize connection issues, purchase quota in the region of your servers.



    The basic, professional, enterprise,premium,WTP, and container editions are supported. For details about the differences between editions, see "Editions".

    • If you enable the HSS basic edition for the first time, you can enjoy the free trial for 30 days and purchase it after the trial.
    • If you purchased the basic, enterprise, or premium edition, enable it on the Asset Management > Servers & Quota page.
    • If you purchased the WTP edition, enable it in the server list on the Prevention > Web Tamper Protection page.
    • If you purchased the container edition, choose Asset Management > Containers & Quota and enable protection on the Container Nodes tab.


    Enterprise Project

    This option is only available when you are logged in using an enterprise account, or when you have enabled enterprise projects. To enable this function, contact your customer manager.

    An enterprise project provides a cloud resource management mode, in which cloud resources and members are centrally managed by project.

    Select an enterprise project from the drop-down list.

    • Resources and incurred expenses are managed under the enterprise project you selected.
    • Value default indicates the default enterprise project. Resources that are not allocated to any enterprise projects under your account are displayed in the default enterprise project.
    • The default option is available in the Enterprise Project drop-down list only after you purchased HSS under your Huawei ID.


    Required duration

    • Select a duration based on your requirements. In Pay-per-use mode, you do not need to select a duration.
    • You are advised to select Auto-renew to ensure your servers are always protected.
    • If you select Auto-renew, the system will automatically renew your subscription as long as your account balance is sufficient. The renewal period is the same as the required duration.
    • If you do not select Auto-renew, manually renew the service before it expires.

    1 year

    Server Quota

    Enter the number of HSS quotas to be purchased. In Pay-per-use mode, you do not need to configure this option.

    • All your servers should be protected, so that if a virus (such as ransomware or a mining program) infects one of them, it will not be able to spread to others and damage your entire network.
    • You cannot modify the quota of an edition after its purchase is complete. You can unsubscribe from it and purchase again.



    Tags are used to identify cloud resources. When you have many cloud resources of the same type, you can use tags to classify cloud resources by dimension (for example, by usage, owner, or environment).

    To use this function, your account must have the TMS administrator permission. Without this permission, you cannot add tags to protection quotas, and the error message "permission error" will be displayed.

    You do not need to set this parameter in pay-per-use mode.


    Quota Management

    After automatic quota binding is enabled, HSS automatically binds available quotas to new servers or container nodes after the agent is installed for the first time. Only the yearly/monthly quotas that you have purchased can be automatically bound. No new order or fee is generated.

    • Servers: Available yearly/monthly quotas are automatically bound in the following sequence: Premium Edition > Enterprise Edition > Professional Edition > Basic Edition.
    • Container nodes: Available yearly/monthly quotas are automatically bound in the following sequence: Container Edition > Premium Edition > Enterprise Edition > Professional Edition > Basic Edition.


  5. In the lower right corner of the page, click Next.

    For details about pricing, see Product Pricing Details.

  6. After confirming that the order, select I have read and agree to the Host Security Service Disclaimer and click Pay Now.
  7. Click Pay Now and complete the payment.

Follow-up Operations

After purchasing the quota, you need to install the agent for server and enable it. For details, see Installing an Agent and Enabling Protection.

Follow-Up Procedure

If you purchased HSS in the wrong edition or region, you can first unsubscribe from it and then purchase the correct quota.