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Updated on 2024-01-16 GMT+08:00

What Should I Do If WTP Cannot Be Enabled?

The causes of this problem vary by scenarios.

Agent Status Is Abnormal

  • Symptom

    The agent status is Offline or Not installed in the server list on the Web Tamper Protection page.

  • Solution

    Rectify the fault by following the instructions provided in How Do I Fix an Abnormal Agent. Ensure that Agent Status in the server list is Online.

Basic/Enterprise/Premium Edition HSS Has Been Enabled

  • Symptom

    Protection Status is Enabled in the server list on the HSS console.

  • Solution
    Disable HSS and then enable WTP.

    HSS editions include the basic, enterprise, premium, and WTP editions. Before enabling WTP for a server, ensure that basic, enterprise, or premium edition HSS has been disabled for the server.

Protection Was Enabled on the Wrong Page

To enable WTP, choose Web Tamper Protection > Servers.

Figure 1 Adding protected servers

If you have purchasedapplied for the WTP edition, you can use all functions of the premium edition, and you can enable the server protection only on the Web Tamper Protection. After WTP is enabled, server protection of the premium edition is also enabled.

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