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Updated on 2024-01-16 GMT+08:00

Can I Disable Remote Login Detection?


If you do not want to receive remote login alarm notifications, add alarmed locations as common login locations, or deselect the remote login attempt item in alarm notification settings.

  • On the Common Login Locations tab, click Add Common Login Location, and add common login locations. HSS does not trigger remote login alarms on logins from common login locations.
    Figure 1 Adding a common login location
  • Choose Installation & Configuration and click Alarm Notifications. In the Masked Events box, select Abnormal logins.
    Exercise caution when you deselect the Abnormal Logins notification item. Abnormal logins include remote logins and successful hacks. If you deselect this item, you will not receive alarms on brute-force attacks in real time.
    Figure 2 Deselecting abnormal logins

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