HSS (New) Getting Started

Host Security Service (HSS) is designed to protect workloads in hybrid clouds and multi-cloud data centers. It consists of Host Security Service (HSS), Container Guard Service (CGS), and the Web Tamper Protection (WTP) service.

Step 1: Purchase Service Quotas

Sign in on Huawei Cloud and purchase quotas.

Step 2: Install an Agent

An agent scans all servers, monitors server security, and reports this information to the cloud protection center.

Installing an Agent on the Linux OS Installing an Agent on the Windows OS

Step 4: Enable Alarm Notification

Enable alarm notifications, so that you can receive notifications sent by HSS to learn security risks in your servers, containers, and web pages.

Enabling Alarm Notifications

(Optional) Step 5: Configure Basic Security Settings

Configure common login locations, common login IP addresses, and the SSH login IP address whitelist. Enable automatic isolation and killing of malicious programs.

Security Configurations