Updated on 2024-01-16 GMT+08:00

Enabling Backup

To enhance defense and reduce service loss caused by ransomware attacks, you are advised to periodically back up data on servers.


  • You have enabled HSS premium, WTP, or container edition.
  • You have purchased a backup vault. For details, see Purchasing a Backup Vault.


  1. Log in to the management console.
  2. In the upper left corner of the page, select a region, click , and choose Security & Compliance > HSS.
  3. Choose Prevention > Ransomware Prevention.

    If your servers are managed by enterprise projects, you can select the target enterprise project to view or operate the asset and detection information.

  4. Click the Protected Servers tab.
  5. Select a server and click Enable Backup.
  6. In the Enable Backup dialog box, select a vault.

    A vault that meets the following conditions can be bound:

    • The vault is in Available or Locked state.
    • The backup policy is in Enabled state.
    • The vault has backup capacity available.
    • The vault is bound to fewer than 256 servers.

  7. Click OK.