Updated on 2023-08-03 GMT+08:00

Preparing for Yonghong BI Interconnection


Prepare for the interconnection between Yonghong BI system and DLI.


  1. (Optional) In the upper left corner of the Huawei Cloud management console, click Service List and choose Analytics > Data Lake Insight. On the Overview page displayed, find the Common Links area on the right, and click SDK Download. On the DLI SDK DOWNLOAD page displayed, download a DLI JDBC driver, for example, dli-jdbc-1.1.0-jar-with-dependencies-jdk1.7.jar. For details, see .
  2. The AK/SK and token authentication modes can be used for JDBC authentication. The AK/SK authentication mode is recommended.
  3. Contact Yonghong customer service personnel to obtain the username and password of the Yonghong SaaS production environment.
  4. Log in to the Yonghong SaaS production environment and enter the username and password.