Updated on 2024-01-15 GMT+08:00

Deleting an Instance


On the Kafka console, you can delete one or more Kafka instances that have been created.

Deleting a Kafka instance will delete the data in the instance without any backup. Exercise caution when performing this operation.


  • The status of the Kafka instance you want to delete is Running, Faulty, or Frozen.
  • Kafka instances in billed in the yearly/monthly mode cannot be deleted. To disable such a Kafka instance, choose More > Unsubscribe in the row containing the instance.

Deleting Kafka Instances

  1. Log in to the management console.
  2. Click in the upper left corner to select a region.

    Select the region where your Kafka instance is located.

  3. Click and choose Middleware > Distributed Message Service (for Kafka) to open the console of DMS for Kafka.
  4. Delete Kafka instances using one of the following methods:

    • Select one or more Kafka instances and click Delete in the upper left corner.
    • In the row containing the Kafka instance to be deleted, choose More > Delete.
    • Click the desired Kafka instance to view its details. In the upper right corner, choose More > Delete.

    Kafka instances in the Creating, Starting, Changing, Change failed, or Restarting state cannot be deleted.

  5. In the Delete Instance dialog box, enter DELETE and click OK to delete the Kafka instance.

    It takes 1 to 60 seconds to delete a Kafka instance.