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Updated on 2023-01-04 GMT+08:00

Activating Cost Tags

Important Notes

Generally, tags are displayed on the Cost Tags page 24 hours after resource expenditures are generated.

Only the activated tags can be viewed on the Cost Analysis and Budgets pages. If you activate the tags, they will be used to organize your resource costs generated thereafter.

If you are using a member account that has been associated with your master account for unified accounting management, you are not allowed to activate or deactivate tags. Instead, you can only use the tags activated by your master account for data analysis.

Activating or Deactivating a Tag

  1. Log in to Cost Center.
  2. Click Cost Tags.
  3. Select a tag and activate or deactivate it.

    There are two types of tags:

    • Expenditure tags: You add such tags when creating resources. They will appear on the Cost Tags page 24 hours after their associated resources have generated expenditures.
    • Predefined tags: You create such tags on the TMS console. They appear on the Cost Tags page immediately after being created.