Updated on 2022-08-31 GMT+08:00


Forecast Accuracy

Forecasting is based on your historical costs and usage on Huawei Cloud. To monitor your budgets, you can enable forecasting to estimate your future costs and usage, and then configure budget alerts based on the forecasts produced. As forecasts are only a best guess estimate of future costs, the forecasted billing amounts may differ from your actual expenditures for each billing cycle.

Forecasting is mainly based on your historical expenditures of Huawei Cloud. At least three months of data are required to produce forecasts. If there is not enough historical data, forecasts cannot be produced.

Forecasts can vary in accuracy. Different ranges of accuracy have different prediction intervals. Huawei Cloud Cost Center provides a prediction interval of 80% for forecasts, indicating that 80% of your actual costs should fall within the prediction interval. The prediction interval depends on the volatility or fluctuation of your historical expenditures. The more consistent and predictable the historical expenditures, the narrower the prediction interval.


Forecasts do not account for cost changes that may occur in the future due to refunds, account adjustments, or disassociations of master and member accounts.

If there is not enough historical data, forecasts cannot be produced. (Forecasts are estimated based on your historical expenditures over at least the last three months.)

You can only view the forecasted costs by configured dimensions in stacked charts.

Forecasts are produced based on the historical data you specified. Daily forecasts currently do not take into account periodicity (such as renewals). Therefore, the daily forecast data may be different from the actual data in the forecast period covered and is for reference only.

Enabling Forecasting

Cost and usage forecasting is enabled by default.