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Updated at: Oct 29, 2021 GMT+08:00

Cost Center offers a suite of tools for free that help you track, analyze, and explore your HUAWEI CLOUD costs and usage.

Currently, the tools include:

  • Cost Analysis: presents cost in charts. You can view your HUAWEI CLOUD costs and usage of different billing cycles and dive deeper by service type, region, linked account, billing mode, and cost tag.
  • Budgets: allows you to configure budgets and stay informed of how your cost and usage progress.
  • Reports: allows you to learn about and explore your cost data, and save the analyses as reports so that you can share with the various member accounts under your master account. On the Analysis Reports page, you can use some commonly used analysis reports preconfigured by HUAWEI CLOUD. Also you can create budget reports on the Budget Reports page to track your budgeting on a regular basis.
  • Billing Mode: provides you with your RI utilization, RI coverage, net savings, and potential savings on the Reserved Instances page.
  • Cost Tags: helps you identify and manage your HUAWEI CLOUD resources by tag. You can activate the tags to track your HUAWEI CLOUD costs for cost analysis and budget management.

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