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Updated on 2022-03-31 GMT+08:00

Can ELB Block DDoS Attacks and Secure Web Code?

  • ELB does not provide security functions such as blocking DDoS attacks.
  • Anti-DDoS is enabled for cloud services by default, and all incoming traffic on the public network is protected.

You can also use Advanced Anti-DDoS (AAD), an advanced version of Anti-DDoS. AAD provides high-defense IP addresses to hide the origin server IP addresses, so that your applications can weather larger and more sophisticated DDoS attacks, ensuring service continuity. You can configure a DNS record to map the origin server IP addresses to high-defense addresses for diverting malicious attack traffic, protecting the origin servers against attacks and preventing interruptions to your workloads. This service can be deployed on hosts used in the HUAWEI CLOUD, other clouds, and on-premises data centers.

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