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Updated on 2024-03-21 GMT+08:00

Billing (Shared Load Balancers)

Billing Items

  • If your shared load balancers were created after February 10, 2023, guaranteed performance were enabled for them by default. To enable guaranteed performance for shared load balancers created before that time, refer to Enabling Guaranteed Performance for a Shared Load Balancer.
  • Shared load balancers are billed on a pay-per-use or yearly/monthly basis as described in Table 1.

For details about load balancer pricing, see ELB Pricing Details. You can use the price calculator to quickly estimate the price for the load balancers that you select.

Table 1 Billing items

Billing Mode

Billing Item



Load balancer

You are charged for how long you use each load balancer.

  • Shared load balancers will be billed based on the billing mode you have selected on the console.
  • If you bind an EIP to a shared load balancer, you will also be charged for the EIP and the bandwidth used by the EIP. For details about EIP pricing, see Elastic IP Pricing Details.

Changing the Billing Mode

If you expect to use a load balancer for a long period of time, change its billing mode to yearly/monthly to save money. For details, see Table 2.

Table 2 Changing the billing mode

Billing Mode



Changing the Bandwidth Billing Option


You can renew your load balancers on the Renewals page of the management console. For details, see Renewal Management.

Expiration and Overdue Payment

If your account is in arrears, you can view the arrears details in the Billing Center. To prevent your load balancers from being stopped or released, top up your account in a timely manner. For details, see Repaying Outstanding Amount.

If you do not renew your load balancers in time, your account will be frozen and the load balancers will be retained. During this period, certain functions of the load balancers cannot be used. For details, see What Functions Will Become Unavailable If a Load Balancer Is Frozen?

If you still fail to complete the renewal or payment after the retention period ends, your data stored in cloud services will be deleted and the resources will be released.