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Updated on 2022-10-27 GMT+08:00

What Information Does an SSL Certificate Contain?

A certificate contains the following information after it is successfully issued and deployed:

  1. Address bar: security padlock, HTTPS flag, and enterprise name (only for EV certificates)

    Example: Display effect of an EV certificate on the Google Chrome browser

  2. General: user, issuer, and validity period of a certificate
    Figure 1 Certificate general information example
  3. Details: certificate version, serial number, signature algorithm, encryption algorithm, public key, validity period, and user information (such as the province, city, enterprise name, and department)

    When applying for a certificate, enter the company contact or authorizing person information (contact name and mobile phone number). The information that involves personal information is not included in the certificate after the certificate is issued.

    Figure 2 Certificate details example

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