Updated on 2023-03-01 GMT+08:00

Method 1: Automatic DNS Verification (for DV Certificates)

According to the CA requirements, if you applied for an SSL certificate, you must prove that the domain name to be associated with the certificate belongs to you.

In automatic DNS verification, you can authorize SCM to modify the record set of the domain name. In this case, a record is automatically added to the record set for verification. If the CA verifies that the added record can be resolved, the verification is successful.

This topic describes how to enable SCM to automatically verify your domain name ownership.


The system performs automatic verification only when all the following conditions are met:

  • Your certificate is a DV (for domain name) certificate.
  • Your certificate is used for a domain name that you apply for on Huawei Cloud and is hosted on Huawei Cloud DNS.


No further operations are required if you have set the verification mode to Automatic DNS verification.

Wait for the system to verify the ownership for you. After you complete the DNS verification at your side, it takes two to three working days for the CA to review the DNS information you provided. After the CA validates your DNS information, they will issue the certificate.