Updated on 2022-10-31 GMT+08:00

Email Verification

According to the CA requirements, if you applied for an SSL certificate, you must prove that the domain name to be associated with the certificate belongs to you.

Email verification, you log in to the email address of the domain name administrator and reply to the domain name confirmation email sent by the CA. If the domain name administrator's replies to the verification email sent by the CA, the verification is successful.

If you select email verification when applying for a certificate, perform the operations described in this section.


  1. Log in to the mailbox of the domain name administrator.
  2. Open the domain name confirmation email from the CA.
  3. Click the confirmation link in the email to complete the domain name verification.

    After the verification is complete, additional time is required for the CA to verify your domain name. During this period, the certificate is in the Pending domain name verification state.

    If you have verified the domain name, the CA will take 2 to 3 working days to verify your information. The certificate enters the Pending organization verification state only after the CA has confirmed your domain ownership.