Updated on 2023-03-27 GMT+08:00

Verifying the Organization (OV and EV)

If you apply for an OV, OV Pro, EV, or EV Pro certificate, the CA sends an email to your registered email address for organization verification after domain name verification completes. The CA contacts the enterprise or organization based on the selected verification mode to check whether the enterprise or organization has initiated the certificate application.

If you purchase an OV certificate from DigiCert or GeoTrust again within 13 months and the certificate information is not changed, organization verification is not required.


The certificate is in the Pending organization verification state.


Organization verification is required for OV, OV Pro, EV, and EV Pro certificates.


  1. Log in to the mailbox you left when applying for a certificate.
  2. Open the organization verification email from the CA.
  3. Reply to the email from the CA to select an organization verification method.

    You can perform verification by phone calls, emails, or lawyer's letters.

    If you need to change the organization verification method, reply to the email from the CA.

  4. Cooperate with the CA and complete the verification by the method you select.

    For example, if you select verification by phone call, answer the phone when the CA contacts you through the public phone of your organization.