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Updated on 2022-06-09 GMT+08:00

What Can I Do If No Data Is Found or the Data Is Abnormal?


When you query the topology and tracing data of an application on the Application Performance Management (APM) console, no data can be found or the data is abnormal. The cause may be as follows:

Cause: Time Inconsistency

Application data is collected by the ICAgent from the Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) and reported to the browser interface. If the time and time zone of the local browser are inconsistent with those of the ECS, the preceding problem may occur. For example, if the browser time is 7:00 and the ECS time is 6: 00, the latest data cannot be queried on the browser because the server does not have the 6:00–7:00 data. Similarly, for distributed applications deployed on multiple ECSs, if the time between ECSs is inconsistent, data cannot be linked. As a result, an exception occurs during data handling by the ICAgent and abnormal data is displayed during data query.

Therefore, ensure that the time of the browser and ECSs is consistent before installing the ICAgent. For how to install the ICAgent, see Installing the ICAgent (Linux).

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