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Updated on 2022-06-09 GMT+08:00

How Do I Obtain the AK/SK and Project ID?

Each user can create a maximum of two Access Key ID/Secret Access Key (AK/SK) pairs. Once they are generated, they are permanently valid.

  • AK: unique ID associated with the SK. It is used together with the SK to sign requests.
  • SK: key used together with the AK to sign requests. The AK and SK can identify senders and prevent requests from being altered.


  1. Log in to the management console.
  2. Click the username in the upper right corner to access the account center, as shown in Figure 1.

    Figure 1 Username

  3. On the Basic Information page, click Manage.

    Figure 2 Basic information

  4. Obtain the project ID and AK/SK.

    1. Obtain the project ID.
      On the Project List tab page, view the project ID.
      Figure 3 Projects
    2. Obtain the AK/SK.
      1. On the Access Keys tab page, click Add Access Key to create an access key.
        Figure 4 Managing access keys
      2. Enter the login password of the current user and verify the password by email or mobile phone.
      3. Click OK to download the access key.

        Keep the key secure.

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