Updated on 2024-05-20 GMT+08:00

Does DCS Support Public Access?

  • Redis 3.0

    Currently, public access is supported only by password-protected DCS Redis 3.0 instances. You can enable or disable SSL for public access. You are advised to download a CA certificate in advance and use it to verify the certificate of a DCS instance for security purposes. For more information, see Public Access to a DCS Redis Instance.

  • Redis 4.0 and later

    Public access is not supported by DCS Redis 4.0, 5.0, and 6.0 instances. If public access is required for a single-node, master/standby, or Proxy Cluster instance, use Nginx to redirect connections through an ECS configured with the same VPC and security group as the DCS instance. For details, see Using Nginx for Public Access to Single-node, Master/Standby, or Proxy Cluster DCS Redis Instances.

    Redis Cluster instances cannot be accessed using Nginx over public networks.

    You can use Elastic Load Balance (ELB) to access different types of DCS instances over public networks. For details, see Using ELB for Public Access to DCS.

  • Memcached

    Public access is not supported. The ECS that serves as a client and the DCS instance that the client will access must belong to the same VPC. In the application development and debugging phases, you can also use SSH to access your instance in the local environment. For details, see Using SSH Tunneling for Public Access to a DCS Instance.

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