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Updated on 2022-12-08 GMT+08:00

How Do I Export DCS Redis Instance Data?

  • Master/standby, read/write splitting, and cluster instances:
    These instances support backups. Perform the following operations to export data:
    1. On the Backups and Restorations page, view the backup tasks.
    2. If there is no backup, create a backup and download the backup file as prompted.

    If your DCS instances were created a long time ago, the versions of these instances may not be advanced enough to support some new functions (such as backup and restoration). You can contact technical support to upgrade your DCS instances. After the upgrade, you can back up and restore your instances.

  • Single-node instances:

    Single-node instances do not support the backup function. You can use redis-cli to export data to RDB files. This operation depends on SYNC command.

    • If the instance allows the SYNC command (such as a Redis 3.0 single-node instance), run the following command to export the instance data:

      redis-cli -h {source_redis_address} -p 6379 [-a password] --rdb {output.rdb}

    • If the instance does not allow the SYNC command (such as a Redis 4.0 or 5.0 single-node instance), migrate the instance data to a master/standby instance and export the data by using the backup function.

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