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Usage Restrictions and Quotas

Updated at: Mar 17, 2020 GMT+08:00

Account and Quota

  • An account can create a DCS instance only after passing the real-name authentication.
  • You can only create a certain number of instances with certain total memory by default. Quotas are different by user and by region. The DCS console prevails. For more information about quotas, see Quotas. To increase quota, submit a service ticket.


A public cloud uses VPCs to manage the network security of cloud services.

  • The client must be deployed on an ECS that belongs to the same VPC as the DCS Redis or Memcached instance.
  • You are advised to select the same security group for a DCS instance and the ECS where your client is deployed. If the DCS instance and ECS belong to different security groups, add inbound and outbound rules for the security groups. For more information on how to add the rules, see How to Select and Configure a Security Group?


You can scale up an instance only within the remaining quota scope. If your quota is insufficient, submit a service ticket to increase the quota.


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