Updated on 2024-03-05 GMT+08:00

API Overview

Table 1 APIs provided by DCS



Lifecycle management APIs

Create, query, delete, modify, and scale instances.

Instance management APIs

Restart instances, query instance status, change passwords, and query instance statistics.

Shard and replica management APIs

Add replicas, configure replica priority, and query shard details.

Parameter management APIs

Query and modify instance configuration parameters.

Backup and restoration APIs

Back up and restore instances, and view backup and restoration records.

Data migration APIs

Create data migration tasks.

Tag management APIs

Add and delete tags, query tags of a specified instance, and query tags of a tenant.

Cache analysis APIs

Configure and query big key and hot key analysis tasks.

Log management APIs

Query slow query logs.

ACL account management

Create, query, modify, and delete ACL accounts.

IP whitelist Management APIs

Configure and query IP whitelist groups of an instance.

Background task management APIs

Query and delete background tasks.

Instance diagnosis APIs

Query AZ information, product specifications, and maintenance time windows.

Template management APIs

Query parameter templates and create custom templates.

Other APIs

Query product specifications, maintenance time windows, and AZs.