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Resource Management Service

Resource Management Service (RMS) enables you to centrally manage your cloud resources. You can store and search for them, and evaluate their security compliance.

Progressive Knowledge

RMS knowledge for users from beginner level to expert level


You can use RMS to store and search for your cloud resources, and evaluate their security compliance.

Service Overview

Be a Power User

You can view your resources, including resource details, resource relationships, and resource changes on the RMS console. RMS notifies you of any changes to your resources, stores your resource changes every 6 hours and your resources every 24 hours, and checks whether your resources comply with the compliance assignments you configure.

My Resources

Resource Recorder

Resource Compliance

Advanced Queries


You can call APIs to access RMS and integrate RMS capabilities into a third-party system for secondary development. For details, see Resource Management Service API Reference.

API Reference


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