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Updated on 2022-02-22 GMT+08:00

What Is DLV Used For?

DLV is specifically designed to surface valuable insights buried inside the constantly changing and complex data in a more intuitive and user-friendly way. It applies to different sectors including retailing, logistics, electric power, water conservancy, environmental protection, and transportation. With real-time data displayed on interactive screens, DLV helps users discover and diagnose service issues whenever they arise. The following lists some benefits that DLV will bring to you:

  • DLV provides you various visual components. In addition to the regular charts optimized for service display, DLV provides irregular charts presenting topological relationships. In addition, DLV supports display of flying lines, heatmaps, regions, 3D maps, and 3D globe, and allows layering of geographical data. In addition, there are irregular charts presenting topological relationships available for you.
  • DLV seamlessly integrates with HUAWEI CLOUD services, such as Data Warehouse Service (DWS), Data Lake Insight (DLI), Relational Database Service (RDS), and Object Storage Service (OBS), and supports local CSV files, online APIs, and the private cloud data of enterprises. By fully utilizing big data computing capability, DLV can meet real-time computing and monitoring requirements.
  • DLV enables you to build screens only by drag-and-drop without programming and to create screens of different sizes by adapting to unconventional resolutions.
  • DLV allows you to release and share your created screens. In this way, your data services can be externally displayed.