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Updated on 2023-06-02 GMT+08:00

Registering Accounts and Performing Real-Name Authentication

This section describes how to register a Huawei Cloud account and perform real-name authentication.

You can use the Huawei Cloud account or an IAM user in your account to access DLV. With IAM, you can create IAM users in your account and grant them custom permissions to manage and use resources under your account. For more information about accounts and IAM users, see "Basic Concepts" in IAM Service Overview.

Registering Accounts

An account is an entity that accesses HUAWEI CLOUD. If you are a new user, register a HUAWEI CLOUD account. For details, see Account Registration Process. If you already have a HUAWEI CLOUD account, skip this part.

Performing Real-Name Authentication

You are advised to complete real-name authentication for better experience in using cloud services. Real-name authentication is available for two types of accounts: individual account and enterprise account. For details about the authentication methods for different account types, click the following links: (If your account has passed the real-name authentication, skip this part.)

  • After you send the application for real-name authentication, it will take three work days at most before the application is approved.
  • The account takes effect 40 minutes later after your real-name authentication is approved.