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Updated on 2023-09-26 GMT+08:00

Registering a HUAWEI ID and Enabling HUAWEI CLOUD Services


  1. Go to the HUAWEI CLOUD official website, and click Register in the upper right corner.
  2. Register a HUAWEI ID.

    1. Select a country or region from the Country/Region pull-down list.
      • If you register the HUAWEI ID for an individual, select the country or region where the individual is.
      • If you register the HUAWEI ID for an enterprise, select the country or region where the enterprise was registered.

        The country or region you select determines the applicable laws and tax rates. It cannot be changed after account registration.

        HUAWEI IDs registered in Türkiye cannot be used to enable HUAWEI CLOUD services. You can register a HUAWEI CLOUD account instead.

    2. Enter an email address.
    3. Enter the verification code received by email.
    4. Set a password for your HUAWEI ID. It must meet the following requirements:
      • Contains at least eight characters.
      • Contains both letters and digits, and does not contain spaces.
    5. Click Register.

  3. Set a security phone number.

    Set a security phone number which can be used to reset your password if you forget it. You can skip this setting.

    1. Select a country or region and enter a security mobile number.
    2. Click Get code and enter the received verification code.
    3. Click OK.

  4. Read the agreements carefully. If you agree with them, click Enable.

    After you register a HUAWEI ID, add your mobile number, account details, and payment method and then you can subscribe to cloud services. You can also add account details upon the next login by clicking LINK in the message.

  5. Complete your information.

    1. Associate a mobile number with your HUAWEI ID.
      1. Enter a mobile number.

        You can use the mobile number only to receive HUAWEI CLOUD news and promotion messages and perform identity authentication. You cannot use it for login.

      2. Enter the verification code received by mobile phone.
      3. Click Next.
    2. Complete account information.
      1. Select Individual or Enterprise and enter the required information.
      2. Click OK.
    3. Specify a payment method.
      1. Enter the credit card number, cardholder name, expiration date, and card security code, confirm your acceptance of the service terms, and click OK.

        During card binding, HUAWEI CLOUD collects a deposit of $1 USD (or an equivalent of $1 USD in other currencies calculated based on the exchange rate) from your credit card to verify the effectiveness of the card. This deposit will be returned to your credit card after the binding is successful. The specific return time is subject to the bank.

      2. On the displayed bank page, complete identity verification.
        • After you successfully bind the card, you get the post payment qualification, which means that you can spend first and then repay the money on HUAWEI CLOUD.
          • HUAWEI CLOUD will generate a bill on the third day of the next month, send the bill to you, and deduct the fee from your credit card.
          • If we have reasonable grounds to suspect that your account has the risk of arrears, we have the right to immediately issue bills to you based on expenses incurred and deduct fees from your credit card.
        • If the card binding fails, the Historical Cards page is displayed, showing the reason in Result. In this case, you can bind the card again or submit a service ticket.