Updated on 2023-05-16 GMT+08:00

Edition Differences

Situation Awareness (SA) provides basic edition and professional edition to meet your needs. For more details, see Features.

  • When you register with Huawei Cloud, the SA basic edition is automatically enabled for your account for free. You can go to the SA console and start using it straight away.

    The basic edition monitors security of your assets on the cloud but does not detect as many threats as the professional edition.

  • The standard edition can only be billed on a yearly or monthly basis. The standard edition can display the security posture of some cloud assets. It can be used for security check, threat analysis, and more to meet security operation requirements.
  • You can subscribe to the professional edition on a yearly/monthly or pay-per-use basis. If you buy the professional edition, SA displays the security of all of the assets under your account, performs dynamic security scans and threat analysis, and provides you with security hardening suggestions.

Function Differences Between SA Editions

Functions of each module in different editions are shown in the following tables, where:

  • X: indicates that the function is unavailable in the corresponding edition.
  • √: indicates that the function is available in the corresponding edition.
  • √+: indicates that the function is available at additional cost.
Table 1 Function differences between SA editions


Function Module


Basic Edition


Professional Edition

Security Overview

Security Score

SA scores security posture of your system, sorts out risks by severity, and summarizes the risk defense capabilities of your system.

Security Monitoring

SA summarizes the alarms, vulnerabilities, and abnormal baseline settings that have not been handled.

Your Security Score over Time

SA displays your security scores for the last 7 days.

Threat Detection

You can view how many alarms are detected for the last 7 days and their types.

Resource Manager

Resource security situation

SA synchronizes information about your resources and displays overall security posture in one place.


Event Analyses

Security services

SA associates security event data from HSS, WAF, and DBSS to display the security status and risks of ECSs, web applications, and databases.




Threat Alarms


SA displays threat alarm event statistics and allows you to export alarm events.

SA allows you to ignore an alarm or mark an alarm for offline processing.


Threat Analysis

SA allows you to query the information about the attacked asset by IP address of the attack source, or query the information about the threat attack source by IP address of the attacked asset.


Alarm Monitoring Settings

SA allows you to configure monitored threats and alarm conditions so that you can focus on specific threat alarms.



Alarm Notifications

SA allows you to customize alarm notifications to learn about threat risks in a timely manner.


Baseline Inspection

Cloud Service Baseline

SA scans cloud service baselines in one-click and displays the inspection results by category.


SA scans cloud service baselines in one-click and displays the inspection results by category. SA allows users to view details of check results and provides fixing suggestions.





SA displays the events or detection results of security products in a centralized manner. You can export and mark events.


Integration of security products

SA integrates a variety of security products to aggregate their detection data and manage the data sources of events.



You can authorize OBS to store SA logs. This helps you meet log audit and disaster recovery requirements.