Updated on 2023-08-21 GMT+08:00

Product Advantages

Huawei Cloud CodeArts Artifact enriches artifact repository management in common languages by offering artifact lifecycle management, efficient viewing and search. It will keep providing customers with comprehensive, efficient, and trusted artifact management.

Self-managed, Secure, and Ultimate-performance Artifact Repository for Service Continuity

CodeArts Artifact is developed based on the cloud native architecture to resolve service continuity issues caused by external uncontrollable factors. Huawei Cloud CodeArts Artifact has the following features:

– Security: CodeArts Artifact provides multi-dimensional and fine-grained permission control to meet access control requirements of different roles in an enterprise. It uses the cloud native architecture for physical isolation to reduce the risk of malicious artifact theft.

– Traceability: records user operations.

– Reliability: Huawei Cloud CodeArts Artifact supports dual-AZ DR and cross-region DR, API traffic limiting and degradation, service dependency and isolation, and service fault detection.

– Speed: CodeArts Artifact provides cache acceleration for popular files, incremental upload and download, and full use of cache acceleration advantages for large and small files to improve the build speed, break through the underlying storage bandwidth limit, and implement high-speed concurrent transmission in the same region. Compared with similar open source products, CodeArts Artifact upload performance is improved by 5 times and the download performance by 10 times.

Supporting over 10 Repo Types to Meet Various Application Scenarios

Huawei Cloud CodeArts Artifact supports more than 10 mainstream artifact types, such as Generic, Maven, npm, Go, PyPI, RPM, Debian, Conan, and Nuget, meeting the requirements of embedded, web, and mobile application development scenarios. It can seamlessly integrate with on-premises builds, deployment tools, and CI/CD on the cloud. Huawei Cloud CodeArts Artifact also provides artifact and metadata integrity verification capabilities. It supports fine-grained control and version-based package locking permissions to ensure the integrity of software release tests and comprehensively protect enterprise artifact security.

Searching Artifacts by File Name and Checksum and Precisely Locating them Among Hundreds of Millions of Artifacts Within Seconds

Huawei Cloud CodeArts Artifact has powerful search capabilities by using Huawei data engine. In a few seconds, you can search artifacts quickly from tens of billions of artifact files from multiple dimensions.

It overs multiple artifact types, such as Maven, Npm, Go, PyPI, RPM, Debian, Conan and Nuget. You can search for and locate artifacts in seconds by file name or hash information (MD5, SHA1, SHA256, and SHA512). Based on this, CodeArts Artifact also evolves hundreds of millions of metadata and SBOM efficient association query to quickly trace artifact files. Compared with similar open-source products, CodeArts Artifact improves the search performance by 20 times.