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Updated on 2022-09-29 GMT+08:00

Setting the Automatic File Cleanup Policy

A release repo provides automatic file cleanup on a scheduled basis. You can set a cleanup policy to move expired files from the repository to the recycle bin or delete them permanently from the recycle bin based on the specified retention periods.

  1. Access the release repo homepage through a specific project by following instructions in Accessing Through a Specific Project.
  2. Click the Setting tab. The Permission Settings page is displayed.
  3. In the navigation pane, choose Cleanup Policy.

  4. Enable Delete from the Repository or Delete permanently from the Recycle Bin as required, and select a retention period from the drop-down list.

    Default retention periods:

    • Delete from the Repository: 30 days
    • Delete permanently from the Recycle Bin: 30 days

    You can also customize a period. Click Customize, enter a number, and click to save.

    Parameters below are optional.

    • Ignore files in the 'production package' state: The system retains files in the production package state when deleting files.
    • Ignore file path: When cleaning up files, the system retains the software package that matches the file path set by the user. You can set multiple file paths (starting with a slash (/) and separated by semicolons (;)).