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Updated on 2022-09-29 GMT+08:00

Viewing or Editing Software Package Details

You can view or edit the software package details, including basic information, build information, and build package archive information.

Follow instructions in Accessing Through a Specific Project to access the release repo homepage and click the name of a software package. A drawer is displayed, showing the software package details. The release repo details are displayed on the Basic Information, Build Information, and Build Packages tab pages.

  • The Basic Information tab page displays the software package name, version, size, path, download address, creator, creation time, checksum, and other information.

    You can click in the upper right corner to change the software package name and version. (The version of the software package archived by a build is the build No. by default.)

  • The Build Information tab page displays the build task, build No., builder, code repository, code branch, and commit ID of the generated software package. Click the build task name to link to the build task.

  • The Build Packages tab page displays the archiving records of software packages uploaded through build tasks. You can click to download a package.